Roofing Industry Customizable Cloned Websites

Powerful SEO, Advanced Coding & Intelligent Content Layout with Lead Generation

Customizable Roofing Website - BASIC

Customizable Roofing Website with BASIC SEO

Total design cost $499 $399 ($100 off introductory offer). The monthly $49 comes out on the 1st of the month and the first payment is pro-rated (reduced) based on todays date.

15+ pages with content, images and video

Completely unique and customized design

Video or panning active backgrounds

Responsive optimized for phones and tablets

Cross-compatible to work in all browsers

Email capture and marketing through Mailchimp

Optional custom payment buttons through PayPal

Visitor tracking through Google Analytics

Social network linking and sharing

Contact form, privacy policy and terms of use pages

Active SEO with Automatic News/Blog

Ability to edit your own webpages (easy one page editor)

Service pages and full image/video gallery

Testimonials/reviews system

Advanced page content writing with SEO and Story Brand Psychology

Other advanced functionality upon request

Basic Monthly Includes

✔ Maintenance & Support

✔ Shared Dedicated Hosting

✔ Triple Redundant Backups

✔ Email Forwarding

✔ Basic SEO Practices

Maintenance & Support

Your website will need fixed as browsers and web code updates from time to time. You will also undoubtedly have business questions and new ideas for your website. Since we talk to business owners from all walks of life on a daily basis we can give you insight into what works and what doesn't. This low monthly fee gives you the chance to seek our advice while also giving us the chance to keep you up and running 24/7. We want to help you thrive.

✔ 1 Hour Website updates

✔ Unlimited Website fixes and trouble shooting

✔ 2 Hours Phone support

✔ Including Business consulting

Shared Dedicated Hosting

This is not your typical hosting service. We have our dedicated server configured for war against your competitors. Its extremely fast, always available and highly secure. We have customized firewalls not only on your website but also built into the core of the server, in overlapping layers. One of our specialties is cyber security and you can rest assured your content, files and personal data will always be safe. We also take the time to backup all of our servers in triplicate multiple times a week. Similar services from GoDaddy cost 10 times as much and you have to setup and maintain all of it yourself, unless you want to pay them $199+ a month for 'Fully Managed' to do it for you. Even then it wouldnt touch what we have setup with our own servers, trust us to keep you up and running without breaking the piggy bank.

✔ 99.99% uptime

✔ Exceptionally fast load speeds

✔ Almost unlimited space (video hosting through YouTube)

✔ Multiple customized firewalls with country blocking

✔ Triple Redundant Backups

✔ Email accounts on request (100mb)

✔ cPanel access

✔ Worry free, hassle free

Customizable Roofing Website - ADVANCED

Customizable Roofing Website with Advanced SEO & More

Total design cost $499 (Waived Design & Setup Fee). Only $149/month and it comes out on the 1st of the month. The first payment is pro-rated (reduced) based on todays date.

✔ 'Active SEO' Blog

✔ Enhanced Backlinking SEO
✔ Automatic Sitemap Submission

✔ Social Media Article Auto Post

✔ Email Marketing Automation

Automatic News/Blog (Active SEO)

The Problem

Page one in search engines is getting harder and harder with markets becoming more and more saturated. Typical methods for organic search engine optimizing (SEO) are falling short. The most important way to beat your competition is by having more unique pages with the relevant keywords in context. This is done through blogs or news sections.

The Solution

Well we have an amazing option we call 'Active SEO'. With that and a few other tweaks you are guaranteed to beat your competition in your desired keyword searches. Depends on how saturated your market is to how fast it happens but its only a matter of time before you are page one, number one.

Look Alive

With active content coming in on a regular basis you also give your business an alive feeling. Where websites that have blogs or news they dont update look dead and raise questions like, "are they still in business?" Let us keep your image to your potential clients alive and well.


To really blow your competitions chances of beating you out the water we go much further then just automated page content. Google also factors in how many other pages on the internet are linking to your website. So we have a keyword optimized link to your website on every single page of every website we have in our portfolio. With many of them using Active SEO they also have new blog/news pages coming in regularly giving your website more and more backlinks that Google loves. Page one here we come!

Automatic Content Creation

Automated SEO

Targeted keyword page 1 results

Automatic sitemap submission

Google and Bing stat tracking

Content automatically sent to email marketing through Mailchimp

Content syndicated to social networks (with working APIs)

Email Marketing Automation

A powerful tool online that has been used for decades is email marketing. Most business owners check their email hourly, some more than their cell phone text messages. With a well done campaign of relevant content you can keep your name on their mind. Once they have issues or needs they use Google to search companies, your company is at the top with our SEO efforts and then they remember that email. They click and view your website, which looks over the top amazing. They call. That simple.

All of your websites forms add their email to your mailing list and your ‘Active SEO’ news that comes into the site is automatically sent to your clients every Monday morning at 7am. For an extra fee we can also setup an automation system where timed emails are sent out at optimal intervals to try to engage with the client.

  • Advanced Monthly Includes Everything in Basic Plan PLUS SO MUCH MORE