Did you know that you can sell your products in different colors and sizes, and even offer personalizations such as greeting cards, engravings, or embroidery—all through your Dragon Digital online store? Give each outgoing order your personal touch, encouraging customers to come back next time and shop even more.

In this article, we’ll show you how to unleash the full potential of your online store with three practical features. It’s easy to implement—and worth it!

Personalized products as unique as your business

Do you sell handmade or customizable products like ceramics, leather items, jewelry, pottery, or textiles? Then you and your customers will love product personalization.

There’s nothing like putting a person’s name, a favorite quote, or a business logo on an item to give it an extra special touch. With Dragon Digital, you can offer customers the option to personalize certain products directly from your online store. You can find step-by-step instructions in this Help Center article.

Whether it’s a greeting text, someone’s initials, or even a pattern for engraving or embroidery: the only limit is your imagination! Best of all, you can find details of every request in both the order overview and the copy of the confirmation email you receive—ensuring you never miss a customer’s special request.

Order notes that cater to individual requests

As an online store owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase sales while giving customers a great shopping experience. Your checkout page is one of the best places to do this. In fact, statistics show that the right checkout strategy can increase your conversion by up to 36%. Amazing, isn’t it?

With a Dragon Digital online store, you can give customers the option to add order notes easily during the checkout process. These notes could include anything from delivery instructions to special requests, such as:

  • “Please don’t deliver on weekends.”
  • “This is a gift. Wrap in wrapping paper.”
  • “Combine order numbers 1213 and 1214 in one delivery.”

Giving customers the option to add order notes shows them that you care about their needs and are passionate about offering excellent service. This can go a long way in boosting customer experience and increasing the chance of shoppers returning to your store. You can check out this article for more on order notes. If you already have a Dragon Digital online store, simply navigate to your Orders page and activate the feature from there.

Product variations: More options, more sales

Do your products come in different colors or sizes? Then you’re in luck! Dragon Digital gives you the option to list your items in different variations. Customers can order clothing, ceramics, art, and much more in the version of their choice, at the click of a button. This means they don’t have to switch back and forth between several pages to select different options—giving them a seamless store experience. It’s shopping made simple!

You can activate product variants for your store items in Edit Mode on your Dragon Digital website. Simply navigate to the desired product and enter an option such as color, shape, or size. You can then specify the available variants, and you’re done! You can find more details on how to use variants in your Dragon Digital online store in this Help Center article. This feature is automatically included in the Business and VIP online store plans. You can read more about store features and how to upgrade your plan here.

Did you know that you can also add different prices for different product variants? You can see how to set prices here. Products with different prices per variant will automatically display the available price range unless the customer has already selected a specific variant.

Start selling your products online with Dragon Digital.


Selling online has never been easier. With Dragon Digital, you can create a shopping experience that is personal, simple, and user-friendly in just a few clicks. Simply navigate to Edit Mode and activate the feature of your choice. So, what are you waiting for? Convert your Murfreesboro website design visitors into customers and give them a fantastic online store experience. Let’s do this!