• Banana Slugs & Fighting Pickles: 10 Weird College Sports Logos & Mascots

    Weird college mascots? Pick your poison. And we picked ours, narrowing down the list to feature team nicknames that included logos forced to incorporate the oddities. As professional sports teams generally roll with tried and true nicknames (not counting minor league baseball, of course), nothing quite entertains like the often organically formed nicknames of the college ranks.

  • How do you evaluate the quality of a project in graphics?

    How do you understand when a graphics project is effective? When it’s nice or ugly? Should it be “cute”? Should it be “fashionable”? In short: how do you assess the quality of a project? In this article I really want to talk about this topic, and try to explain how you to really evaluate the quality of a project.

  • How to use grids in graphic design

    Do you want to know the best way to set up any graphic design? How about one of the most useful concepts of all graphic design? In short, do you want to understand how to use graphic grids?