What is Dragon Digital SEO?

Dragon Digital SEO is a Full-service SEO program that is ideal for businesses that want to rank higher on search engines for their local business.


How many Keywords does the Dragon Digital SEO Base Package include?

We target 7 Keywords, which consists of the Geography where the client is located + 7 words. Example of 1 Keyword: Lawncare Orlando, Florida.


What makes Dragon Digital SEO a Full-service SEO?

We do onsite edits and adjustments, offsite link building, website submissions, and we write content. We also provide full reporting, an excellent dashboard to see the details in a transparent way, and Partner support.


Can I get a Custom quote or do a bigger program?

  • Absolutely, we offer custom quotes where we audit the site and provide a cost. Often this is for national quotes or multi-location businesses, like a franchise. You can request a custom quote here.

  • To supplement the base program, we offer Add-ons. These Add-ons can be ordered with the initial order or at any time during the program.


What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are simply a way of building the program to cover what the client needs.  This can include an additional Geography, and an additional set of 7 Keywords, and More power to the existing program.


What do I get for each Add-on?

Essentially, each Add-on doubles the work we do to help the SMB achieve success and cover the expanded program. Think...more on-page work, more content, more link building.

Example:  A Lawncare company in Orlando gets 7 Keywords with the base plan. If they want 7 additional Keywords (14 total) that will be 1 Additional Topic Add-on.

If they desire an additional Geography along with Orlando, that would simply be 1 Additional GEO Add-on.  This equates to 7 Keywords targeting 2 Geographies.


Do you have a client with multiple locations that can benefit from Dragon Digital SEO? Here’s how to order:

Order the Dragon Digital SEO base package on the primary location and an Extra Geo add-on for each additional location. This applies to locations on different subdirectories of the same domain.

Example: www.somedomain.com/canada & www.somedomain.com/usa

Order the Dragon Digital SEO base package on multiple accounts only if the domain is unique OR has a different subdomain.

Unique Domain Example: www.somedomaincanada.com & www.somedomainusa.com 

Subdomain Example: canada.somedomain.com & usa.somdomain.com