Paid Ads Management

20% Budget Management Fee

$500 Per Month
$400 PPC Monthly Ad Budget
Would get about 200-500 impressions with 5-25 highly targeted clicks per day

$2000 Per Month
$1600 PPC Monthly Ad Budget
800-2000 impressions with 50-100 highly targeted clicks per day


Need help running your internet marketing campaigns? Let us manage it for you! We know the ins and outs of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing and how best to apply it to the most relevant markets for the greatest returns. We will customize your Ad text and demographic for your targeted audience. Depending on what industry you are in we will apply 80% of the monthly fee to either Facebook Ads or Google Adwords campaigns. Each has their benefits and both are the #1 solutions for getting new leads fast.

A $500 monthly fee with $400 Ad budget on Google typically returns 5-25 clicks per day and 200-500 impressions (views of your Ad without clicking). You only pay for those who click. That cost per click varies based on the popularity of your keywords.