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Thank you SO SO much in advance. You're amazing!

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I found Andrew of off a Craigslist over 2 years ago and he's done several projects for me ever since.

He's professional and good at what he does! I wish I was bigger client for him but I'm sticking with him and I'm sure you'll be willing to as well!
Andy put together a website that has tripled our traffic and looks fantastic to boot. I'm constantly getting complimented on how professionally done the site it. Thanks Andy!
I am very particular about how I want my business to look and really don't hold back about what I like and dislike. Andy took everything in stride and usually uttered my favorite phrase, "No problem!" He not only created the sharp, sophisticated design of our website but also designed my logo as well. I am very pleased that we have Andy on our team and continue to get prompt, effective support. This last thing being so important to me. He has consistently fixed the bumps in the road every business hits and I can rely on him to "just fix it." This, more than likely, being his least favorite phrase of mine. Andy's friendly demeanor and knowledge will do your business well, I promise.
You are very thorough. I really appreciate the way you think through the best way to accomplish what we need on our site – even things that we don’t think to do!
Business has increased every month. We aren’t where we were when we were at our peak before the economy slump, but climbing steadily and I attribute that to our web site. -Sean