• Finding the right multipurpose WP Theme just got easier: here are the top 12 examples

    “Multipurpose”, “all-in-one”, and“universal” tools and products. Youheard of them before. They have a reputation for doing some things well, andother things not very well at all.

    We bet you also proverbial “Jack of alltrades, master of none” saying applies.

  • Don’t Make These Beginner Designer’s Mistakes

    “The customer only cares about money and earnings, while the designer only cares about being able to publish a good job on Dribble or Behance.”

    This is a concept that I saw represented in a viral video, produced by Pixelo showing the differences between the designer and the client.

  • The 6 Principles of UX

    If you are approaching the world of UX or you are already a navigated UX / UI Designer, then this article, in which I am going to talk about 6 principles that every UX Designer should know, is designed for you.