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Minimalism is the new fad that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It’s easy to read and you can get many cool and unique fonts from it.

However, some designs call for a fancy design. Sometimes you just need to raise your pinky and feel fancy. For that reason, here are 10 fancy fonts for the super fancy designs.

10. Kelium

Kelium is a great example of a fancy, cursive style typeface in brush font. It’s unique, extravagant, but still easy to read. Perfect for something like wedding invitations!

9. Leviafan

Leviafan is perfect for just about any occasion that needs the fancy meter bumped up a little bit. Use it in logos, business cards, or even a casual invitation.

8. Taahira

Taahira is a handmade font that really grabs your attention. It really brings the warmth of a handwritten note. This would be perfect for a multitude of creative projects.

7. Bhatoshine

Bhatoshine is a fancy and formal typeface. You can use this one anywhere and bring a very upscale feel to your design.

6. Ulyssa

Ulyssa font uses a loopy, handwritten form to get the point across. It gives a very bohemian feel, but still stays fancy.

5. Aaminah

Aaminah borders the line of minimalist and fancy. It maintains straight and uniform lines, but it adds a fancy flare with the unique curls.

4. Adora Bouton

Adora looks like the type of font you would use in a love letter. It’s big, dramatic, and makes any project it’s used in look infinitely more fancy.

3. Alayna

Alayna was designed with heart shapes in mind. The ends of a few letters give that warm charm that a hand-drawn heart would.

2. Aejeong

Aejeong is a fresh and clean typeface that gives that handwritten flare. The font itself is in all caps, and can be used in multiple occasions.

1. Love Hurts

The love hurts font is perfect for all of your fancy needs. It’s fancy, but not over-the-top fancy. It can be used for anything from wedding invitations, to elegant company logos.

Whether it’s a business card or the face of your business, there will always be a need to that fancy flare. Bring out your inner monocle wearing, champaign drinking, “Driver, please take me to the penthouse” self.

Which one was your favorite? Let use know in the comments below, and don’t forget, pinky up!

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