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At the beginning of each year, we need to throw our old, worn out tools, and add new, fully functional ones. When it comes to virtual tools, we have to do the same thing.

Granted, there are tools that we’ve been holding onto for years now, and they never let us down. Photoshop, Sketch, Dropbox, and you can continue naming your favorites. When it comes to staying up to date with your designs, these tools are amazing, they allow you to create unimaginable designs. In a world where less is much, where any piece of art can be transformed into a kitsch with a simple extra line, we need to be extremely careful with how, what, and why we design what we design.

Same rules apply to fonts. The multitude of available fonts out there makes the decision so hard, so many times. We have hand-written fonts, serifs and sans serifs, minimalist, modernist, bold fonts, vintage fonts, etc. In this ocean of fonts, there is a specific category that Murfreesboro web designers seem to like now more than ever and more than anything else. Glitch Fonts.

This ageless font genre never ages and Murfreesboro web designers love it. For this very reason, we catalogued the best glitch fonts online plus a bonus Photoshop Glitch Tutorial.

1. Photoshop Tutorial – Glitch Text Effect

First things first, try creating your own glitch effect. Here is a comprehensive tutorial that will allow you create a font just the way you want it.

2.  Corruptor LDR by Neoqueto

Corruptor make a great font for SF movies, though quite hart to read, it adds a little touch of unknown that catches the eye of the viewer.

3. Pixel Reto / Pixel Reto Shadow / Pixel Reto Outline by Gabriel Figueiredo

Pixel fonts are cool but they need to be chosen with care. They don’t favor all projects so you need to activate your professional eye when working with such fonts.

4. Laborate by Klaudia Gal

Glitch Fonts

I love this font and the possibilities it comes with. How can a font look fluid and segmented? Ask Klaudia, she knows.

5. Neuro by Ludovic DELESPIERRE

Glitch Fonts

While this font takes us to another dimension, its cinematic looks are incontestable.

6. Sango by Andrew Herndon

Glitch Fonts.

I see claws dragging letters where they don’t want to be. The result? An amazing glitch font.

7. Phelix Boomgartner by Michal Slovák

Glitch Fonts

What makes glitch fonts so unique? The infinite possibilities of creating one. It’s quite hard to go wrong with a glitch font, and Michal’s font confirms it.

8. g l i t c h / Glitch Progressive by Will Bindley

Glitch Fonts

Coded messages are always transmitted through glitch fonts. This is where Will’s font comes in play. Send that message, and send it with class.

9. Fault

Glitch Fonts

Fault has no faulty features. The font creates an atmosphere that many would come for more.

10. Glitzy

Glitch Fonts

Glitzy – a typeface with attitude that vibrates.

What do you mainly use glitch fonts for? Why do glitch fonts work better than others? We love the unpredictability that comes with such a oldie but goodie font. Please let us know what is your favorite glitch font, if you ever created one or if you will try after you watch the tutorial above.

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