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Although typography is nothing new, it changes all the time, and we love it. It’s always fun to see what kind of cool and unique combination you can come up with to make your brand, logo, and content stand out.

But today, while continuing to talk about fonts, let’s focus on some of the characters that are included with them: numbers.

We know that there are several factors to take into account when it comes to the choice of our typography. For example, if you want to write in uppercase and lowercase, if you have a specific style in kind, and so on. It is also very important to know if you have the numbers and the character of the chosen font.

You might think that this need is pretty specific – number fonts. But the truth is, you use numbers more often than you think, so it’s better to have a specific style and have it all uniform throughout all your content. If these are the point of focus, it is very important that the aesthetics of the numbers correspond to the surrounding content correctly.

With all of that said, number fonts are overlooked quite often. It’s very common to see fancy typography and designs paired with simple numbers. Perhaps it’s because they didn’t want a number font, or perhaps they didn’t even know they existed.

For that reason, we’re going to go over 10 of the best number fonts out there today. Fasten your seatbelts everyone, it’s about to get mathematical.

1. Deadhead Scrip

number fonts

Deadhead Scrip is a handwritten style of font that pairs nicely with other handwritten typography. The thickness of the lines varies as the curves go on, giving it the perfect handwritten look.

You can find these numbers in the link for about $20, so go check it out!

2. Dear Prudence

number fonts

Dear Prudence is another good example of a handwritten font. But, just as handwriting styles vary, so should the fonts. This particular font is a much different and unique take on the traditional handwritten font. I like its irregularity but at the same time harmony. It would go great on a calendar or a homegoods shop.

For the versatility that this font provides, it’s a steal at around $4.

3. Have a Great Day

number fonts

Have a Great Day font is yet another handwritten font that you really don’t see every day. The style is like that of a thick marker. The irregularity shines through and gives each and every line a personal touch that simply can’t be duplicated by a standard font.

4. Story

number fonts

Story is perhaps the simplest typeface of this group. The strokes are perfect and remind us of when we first started to learn to write as kids. Its price is quite admirable as well (about $6), and you can do a lot with it.

5. Amatic SC

number fonts

The Amatic SC font is a Google Font that was quite popular a few years ago. It’s not as popular now, but it still looks great. This is definitely the kind of typography that would go well with a variety of different brands. It could even be paired with other fonts to make a unique combination.

As of right now, Amatic SC is free to download and use, so get downloading!

6. Abril Fatface

number fonts

We could talk about an infinite number of serifs with original numbers, but since I decided to shone a light on more “creative” fonts, we chose this one to fill in for serifs. You can find this particular font in a lot of places, but its thickness and style make it absolutely perfect to be the main focus of any project that include numbers.

To top it all off, this one is a freebie.

7. Montserrat

number fonts

As with most cases, I could probably add an infinite amount of serifs to this list, but we won’t. Instead, I’ll chose this one and the one above to highlight their variety. In this case the Montserrat is well known to all. Just like it’s perfect for a lot of titles, it’s also perfect for its numbers.

Since this is another Google Font, you can get your hands on it completely free of charge.

8. Catamaran

number fonts

As with most typographies, the thickness of Catamaran gives us a lot of font to play with. We can combine these giving more hierarchy to a certain element, or just use them to draw attention to a specific number.

Like the previous few, this one is free since it’s a Google Font.

9. Pacifico

number fonts

Pacifico is a very popular Google Font that has made its name through its use. But, the numbers are often overlooked, and it’s such a shame. The curves and swirly-like design of this number font are quite unique, and give lots of flare to any project that they find themselves in.

10. Monoton

number fonts

Last but most certainly not the least, we find Monton. As you can see, this font has quite the unique design, and comes off very retro. As specific as the niche might seem, this font actually goes well with a variety of projects. It draws attention and leaves people curious.

This one is also a Google Font, so you know what that means. That’s right, it’s free!

The conclusion

Hopefully you find at least one of the number fonts above useful, and you use it in the near future. If you didn’t find one that you like, remember to always check in package deals for the number fonts next time you purchase a font. If not, seek out a number font by itself, and combine it with your own typography to make a truly one-of-a-kind project.