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We all love that satisfying feeling you get when 2 objects just fit perfectly together.

If you’re anything like me, I bet you love watching a good satisfying video that occasionally pops up on my Instagram feed, or seeing the most satisfying logo ever.

One sure-fire way to create and design the perfect, aesthetically-pleasing logo is by creating a symmetrical logo.

What is a symmetrical logo?

A symmetrical is a logo that mirrors itself perfectly from the left side to the right side.

There’s a reason why symmetrical logos work so perfectly together, though.

Actually, there are quite a few reasons why symmetrical logos work so well.

The first reason why symmetrical logos work so well is because our brains automatically and subconsciously love to organize and group the things that it sees in order to make sense of it all. A symmetrical logo makes it easier for the brain to digest and process than, perse, a different type of logo.

Secondly, symmetrical logos create a sense of balance. Having a symmetrical design naturally creates a great sense of balance. Now, whether or not your viewers and clients realize that consciously or not, will always be a mystery.

Thirdly, we all know that symmetrical designs and logos are just aesthetically-pleasing as heck. And who doesn’t love some aesthetically pleasing content? I know I do.

Finally, creating and designing a symmetrical logo could be easier for you. First, you just have to create the perfect half-design, duplicate it, and mirror it, and you’re done! Not to say that that ever actually happens though. We all know Murfreesboro web designers put (or at least, we try to…) our entire hearts and souls into our designs. If we’re passionate about our project, that is.

20 Symmetrical Logos That Will Have You Shook

There are probably loads more famous symmetrical logo designs out there than you ever realized.

Today, we’re going over 20 symmetrical logos that you can be inspired from in order to create your own.

Let’s do this!

1. McDonald’s

Symmetrical Logos Mcdonalds

You probably weren’t expecting this one to be our first pick, were you?

Mcdonald’s is a prime example of a symmetrical design, but did you ever consciously realize that?

Also, did you know that the color red is scientifically proven to raise your sense of appetite?

McDonald’s surely had a great design and marketing team on their side.

2. Target

Target Symmetrical logo

Target. Only my favorite retailer of all time. Besides the fact that they literally have everything you could ever want in one place, they have amazing branding and a symmetrical logo. Also, how cute is that iconic dog you see in all their advertisements?

3. Airbnb

Need a place to stay, anywhere, ever? Airbnb has got you covered. Also, just check out that intricate, symmetrical logo design.

4. Mercedes

Mercedes logo symmetrical logoa

Next up we have Mercedes. I know, you never thought about putting them into your list of symmetrical designs, but here we are. This gorgeous and simplistic logo will always be iconic.

5. Adidas

6. Starbucks

8. Chanel

chanel logo symmetry

9. Volkswagen

10. Honda

11. Xbox

12. Walmart

13. Audi

14. Toyota

15. Mazda

16. Motorola 

17. Snapchat

18. Batman

19. Shell

20. Mitsubishi 

We hope you enjoyed looking over all these famous symmetrical logos and felt inspired to create your own.

Until next time,

Stay creative, folks!