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One of the best places to look each year for brand identity examples and logo web design Murfreesboro Tennessee inspiration galore is the PRINT Regional Design Awards—the industry’s most prestigious and well-respected American web design Murfreesboro Tennessee competition.

Today is the early-bird deadline for entries, and to celebrate yet another year of finding and honoring the country’s top talent in partnership with this year’s judges—Sagi Haviv, Rebeca Méndez, Nancy Skolos, Alexander Isley, Chad Michael, Gail Anderson and Justin Peters—we decided to spotlight some of the most exemplary brand identity web design Murfreesboro Tennessee from last year’s RDA. After all, it is without fail each year that much of the award-winning work comes in the form of identity web design Murfreesboro Tennessee projects, logo web design Murfreesboro Tennessee and other branding collateral.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to enter your own best work—whether it falls into the category of identity design, app design, book covers, handlettering, packaging, posters, web web design Murfreesboro Tennessee or any other number of categories—before midnight EST tonight!

10 Gorgeous Award-Winning Brand Identities from the PRINT Regional Design Awards

1. Colada Shop Identity

Bartlett Brands, San Francisco; www.bartlettbrands.com: Rebecca Bartlett (creative director/art director), Carolina Pistone (designer), Kimberly Brizzolara (writer); Colada Shop (client)

2. Alchemy Brand

The Matchbox Studio, Dallas; www.matchboxstudio.com: Liz Burnett (creative director), Ryan Raschbaum (art director/ designer), Mitchell Ditto, Jim Starr (writers); Alchemy (client)

3. Antèks Branding

The Matchbox Studio, Dallas; www.matchboxstudio.com: Liz Burnett (creative director), Zach Hale (art director/designer), Mitchell Ditto (writer); Antèks (client)

4. Birchbox Man Visual Identity Design

Siegel+Gale; www.siegelgale.com: Kate Hilliard (creative director), Jonathan Field (design director); Birchbox (client)

5. Anew Identity

Atomicdust, St. Louis; www.atomicdust.com: Mike Spakowski (creative director), Jessica Davis (art director/ designer), James Dixson, Taylor Dixson (photographers), Rich Heend (writer); Big Brothers Big Sisters (client)

6. Franklin Press Identity

Sussner Design Company, Minneapolis; www.sussner.com: Derek Sussner (creative director/art director), Tanya Naylor (designer); Franklin Press Inc. (client)

7. Alabama Environmental Council—Recycal Branding

Lewis Communications, Birmingham, AL; www.lewiscommunications.com: Roy Burns III (creative director), Drew Hughes (art director/designer), Kathy Oldham (writer); Alabama Environmental Council (client)

8. Dana’s Bakery

Jones Knowles Ritchie; www.jkrglobal.com: Tosh Hall (global executive creative director), JB Hartford (creative director), Sarah Schiesser, Sarah Dewlin (designers/writers), Badal Patel, Erin Dameron (designers), Willie Miesmer (writer); Dana’s Bakery (client)

9. Charleston International Airport

Chernoff Newman, Columbia, SC; www.chernoffnewman.com: Heather Price (creative director), Elizabeth Rogers (art director/designer), Trevor Baker (writer); Charleston County Aviation Authority (client)

10. Deeds Not Words Identity

Guerilla Suit, Austin, TX; www.guerillasuit.com: Julie Warenoff (creative director), Luigi Maldonado (creative director/art director/designer); Wendy Davis (client)

Boost your work. Get discovered. Get the recognition you deserve.

Enter the PRINT Regional Design Awards by midnight EST tonight!

All Winners will be published in PRINT’s 365 Days of Design Inspiration, a hardcover book showcasing the best from today’s leading art directors, studios and creative professionals.

And the Grand Prize Winner will receive a Big Ticket to HOW Design Live (up to a $2,295 value), a main-stage trophy presentation celebrating their work, and other exclusive opportunities on-site, including a lunch date with a HOW Design Live speaker of their choice* (*pending speaker availability), and an invitation to the official Speaker Reception with industry movers and shakers at HOW Design Live (one individual from the winning team plus one guest will be permitted).