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Dr. Lisa Webb has been a practicing clinical psychologist for 15+ years. Through her time working with people who are stressed, anxious, angry, and depressed she has seen first-hand that medication and psychotherapy are often not enough to make true change. What is often missing is body change—one’s body has to change for the mind to integrate other parts of a person’s approach to life and make them part of the person.

It seems like the concept of body-mind would be a “no-brainer”—that if your body is in harmony with your mind then you will feel good- or at least better- in the body you are in. Unfortunately the way current health practices operate is one of silos and little crossover between traditional medicine and alternative therapies. If someone feels stressed out, anxious, irritable, unable to focus or just plain unhappy many traditional medical practitioners will look to prescriptions to help with these symptoms. Treating symptoms may help someone to feel better in the short run but does not “fix” an underlying issue that may be driving the feelings.

So enters the psychologist—changing one’s thoughts will naturally lead to changes in one’s behavior. Awareness of the thoughts that lead to the behavior—e.g. stressed out, anxious, irritable, etc.- is the first step to change. However, if one has lived with these negative symptoms for most of life the body has become accustomed to being tense. Physiologic symptoms like tight muscles, frequent headaches and fatigue are the norm. This is where Body-Mind Consulting is unique. Instead of going from place to place to place to find like-minded practitioners Body-Mind brings together traditional medicine with alternative therapies under one roof so that change can be systemic—by not simply treating a symptom, one can truly become whole and integrate change.

Body-Mind integrates alternative methods such as massage therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Hypnotherapy and Tai Chi with traditional approaches to care. By bringing the best of traditional and alternative care methods a person can experience the integrated self that one desires for health but may not have realized was missing in their life.