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Recovery Rising’s focus is on the physiological and energetic imbalances that keep one in a state of low – self- esteem, depression, shame, blame, inner – anger, and a lack of self-love. Recovery Rising classes are designed to be inclusive of ALL types of people on a path of self-healing and development. We are a trauma focused and sensitive program. We provide a safe space for students to reconnect to their bodies, access deeper truths within, and assist in returning to their original self. This is done by utilizing the tools of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, expressive arts – including free form dance and inner child play, introspective exercises, group support, various self-healing teachings, mindfulness practices, service work, guest teachers, and more. Drug Addiction and alcoholism are two of the well-known forms of addiction. At Recovery Rising we also understand that process addictions such as love addiction and avoidance (intimacy dysregulation) and Co-dependency are just as painful and deadly as chemical addictions. Recovery Rising’s tools can provide additional support for body and inner awareness, emotional processing, and learning to have fun again.