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Basic Reset was launched by Fred and Kim Kaufman in 2015 to bring life-changing products to the world. These products are the result of over 45 years of research into health and nutrition.

After over-coming his own life-long health problems in 1969, Fred, became highly motivated to have a better understanding of what causes us to lose our health, but even more importantly, how to regain good health. Ten years later, Fred was overcome with an insatiable curiosity to research why people get cancer, even though he didn't know anyone with cancer and had no family history. It all came to light about 5 years later, when his own mother was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with 4th stage melanoma. She was given no hope with only a few months to live. Fred stepped up to help his mother through nutrition and supplementation, and she was totally healed in just a few months. Fred believes that God was leading him to know how to help his mother, and was greatly encouraged to continue learning all he could to help others with debilitating and life-threatening diseases. (Learn more of Dorothy's miracle story at Fred began to help many others through his knowledge of natural health remedies while working in 2 medical clinics as a nutritionist, and in 1995, he spoke at the International Cancer Conference in Stockholm Sweden.

In 1994, Fred learned about coral calcium through a Swedish scientist, which led Fred to be the first person to import the product into the U.S. The testimonials were amazing which further motivated Fred to keep seeking natural ways to help people. Two years later, Fred met Kim, and in their very first phone conversation, she shared with him information that was an important key for Fred to invent the liquid mineral product Ionyte. Fred and Kim had a strong connection through their faith in God, and their hearts to help others through natural health remedies. After 3 months, with the phone as their only means of communication, they finally met in person, and married 12 hours later!

In 2017, Fred received an honorary doctorate degree because of his knowledge, and more than 35 years of helping people with severe health challenges. In August of 2017, Dr. Fred brought to market his invention of an “energy pendant” called Energy FX, designed to protect the wearer from the harmful effects of EMF. The resulting personal stories, starting with the very first day of release, were beyond his expectations. The first being a nurse whose 4 month old shoulder injury became pain free within 15 minutes of putting on the pendant. In December, a medical doctor tested the pendant using very sophisticated electronic equipment. The results show that Energy FX balances the autonomic nervous system in less than 3 hours. Amazing personal stories continue to pour in to this day.

Also in January of 2018, Dr. Fred introduced another formula called pH-FX which is his improved version of an existing formula. pH-FX changes ordinary water into healthy water by raising the pH and restructuring the molecules better than any other product currently known, including AquaLyte. Dr. Fred always said that if he ever found a better water enhancer than AquaLyte, then he would market that instead. pH-FX is that product, and it has replaced AquaLyte.

Dr. Fred is constantly engaged in research that now spans nearly 50 years, in an effort to find the fastest, easiest way for individuals to restore their health. One of his famous quotes sums it up best: “A reward more valuable than gold is knowing you have helped someone live a better life.”

Dr. Fred and Kim are dedicated to supplying quality products at affordable prices. Through Basic Reset, they are expanding their product-line and offering a unique opportunity unlike any other in the network marketing industry. Dr. Fred says: "We're just people helping people. This is not just about us, it's about you! Come join us by first letting us help you, then get paid for referring customers to discover Basic Reset too! Everyone wants to feel great and look great! Basic Reset makes it easy for anyone to succeed!"